Yagya for Mars / Mangal (Artikelnummer: VY103C)

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Yagya for Mars / Mangal

Prevents or Minimizes evil energies caused by Mars / Mangal and boosts positive energies for sufficient physical, mental and cosmic caliber.

High Capacity Yagya for All 9 Planets | HC510
Doing Yagya HC510 for all 9 Planets however helps much better as it rectifies all 9 planets together, it works faster, is much smoother and it can be shared by several people. In High Capacity Yagyas the mantra quantity gets ideal to 125,000. This is sometimes even 20x bigger quntity than our Standard Yagyas and Traditional Yagyas by other people. 

Good to know

Please note that doing yagya for a planet is just to rectify the influences of Planets. The function of these Yagyas is to filter negative energies from the planets and to boost positive planets. A negative planet can trouble you in health, finance, business, marriage or for anything. However planets were responsible for these problems but rectifying planets will not solve your problems automatically. For this you need to work yourself and have Supporting Intentional Yagyas for the purposes.

Example: Suppose, You had attack of viruses on your computer and your Hard Drive is now curupt. You buy an anti-virus program and remove viruses. Now your computer is virus free, but the lost data and hard drive is not automatically recovered. You must arrange it yourself to recover it. For this you get a service of data recovery.

In this example, virus is a negative planet, Anti-virus is Yagya for Planet, data-loss is your problem as consequence due to wrong planets and data recovery service is the Yagya for help in problems or desires. The conclusion is that Planetary Yagya is essential to live protected life but it is not itself a remedy of any problem. Its work is limited to rectify the planets. And of course having it in advance exactly means having an anti-virus installed on your computer. This prevents that you allow your negative planets to harm and obstruct you.

Preis: CHF 366
Type: (VY) Vedischer Yagya
Stärke: **
Yagya Kategorie: C
Wirksam für: 1 Jahr
Total Yagya Stunden: 45
Pandits x Tage: 3 Pandits x 3 Days
Live Mantra Relais: Kostenlos auf Anfrage
Yagya Folgeeinrichtung: Extra Payment $150
Kostenlose Astrologie Consult: Payment $150
Mitglied Rabatt: 10% auf allen folgenden Yagyas
Gesamtpreis: $330