Rudrabhishek Yagya (Artikelnummer: OY1702)

Zugriffe: 816
Rudrabhishek Yagya

This Yagya is done for more than 90 Purposes including health, danger prevention, winning enemy, preventing arrest, winning litigations and reducing punishments. It is also done to prevent financial dangers, political dangers and dangers from criminal. This Yagya is also done to save life or to avert severe pains. It is also done in surgeries when life threat is seen.

1 Pandit can do 2 Rudrabhishek in a day in 7 hours.

This is the minimum quantity of Rudrabhishek that we do, however the ideal quantity is 1111. You can customize the quantity of mantra by multiplying the item in shopping cart. For example make this item 5 times to have 125,000 Mantras. In a particular situation you need a particular minimum amount of mantra or else it will not work. However doing more assures more results. Here are the recommended amount of to get sufficient results -

  • 1000 - For very big problems and ambitions specially for multiple people, companies or family 
  • 500 - For big problems and desires
  • 100 - For serious problems and desires
  • 50 - To prevent problems and small desires
Preis: CHF 999
Type: (OY) Öffne Yagya
Wirksam für: 3 Jahre
Live Mantra Relais: Kostenlos auf Anfrage
Yagya Folgeeinrichtung: Free of Cost
Kostenlose Astrologie Consult: Free (Bonus)
Mitglied Rabatt: 10% auf allen folgenden Yagyas