For regular and higher Income (Artikelnummer: DY1604)

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For regular and higher Income

To increase your income gradually. 10% of present income every month. (1st month 10%, 2nd month 20% and so on). For huge income like 400% and up, choose High Capacity Yagya.

Preis: CHF 2,164
Type: (DY) Tägliches Yagya
Anzahl Pandits: 5
Stärke: ****
Mindestzeitraum : 1 Year
Cancellation: Anytime, before 1st day of the month
Price Per Month: $1950
Live Mantra Relais: Kostenlos auf Anfrage
Yagya Folgeeinrichtung: Free of Cost
Kostenlose Astrologie Consult: Free (Bonus)
Mitglied Rabatt: 10% auf allen folgenden Yagyas