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Ram Navami is the birthday of Lord Ram. Ram was incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is believed to be the ideal person on earth. He is role model of human being. Ramayan (Valmiki: Sanskrit) or Ramcharitmanas (Tulsidas: Awadhi/Hindi) are the epics wherein the story of the great philosophy of Ram lies.

Ram Navami which falls on 5 April 2017 this year is celebrated by devotees all over the world. Very auspicious day for all kinds of Yagyas such as:

-- For success & prosperity in life
-- For help in secret and complicated health issues
-- For rescue in health crisis 
-- For spiritual power, motivation & enlightenment
-- For good health and prevention of health problems

-- For Saving form dangers, evils and ghosts
-- For getting married specially in difficult situations
-- For saving Love & marriage 
-- For help or victory in court cases
-- For help in marital litigation
-- For ambitious income & Ambitious post
-- For improving business & business income
-- For help in buying / selling property
-- For gaining ambitious money
-- For help in getting (desired) child
-- For help in addictions & bad habits
-- For help in bad behavior & agression of a child
-- For family peace and protection
-- For removal of all kinds of curses

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Vivah Panchami 
is the wedding anniversary of Lord Ram & Sita. The couple is one of the most popular couples and has established in ideal for harmony, sacrifices and dedication in marital relationship. Sita went through all odds and waitied 14 years on Ram and Ram fought with several kingdoms of devils to liberate his beloved wife Sita. This is the reason they are worshiped by every loving or marrying couple to get blessed by their idols. Vivah Panchami is one of the most celebrated Vedic Festival of the year for era's. It is specially auspicious for those people who aim to find or get their partners even without support of their nears and dears. Vivah Panchami shall be celebrated this year on 12th Dec 2016. The Ram Navami Week Celebration begins on 5.12.2016. It is one of the busiest days of year for Yagyas as Yagyas get many times more effective results. Besides this day is also very auspicious for Yagyas related to wealth, business, enlightenment and prosperity. Click to read more... 

Yagyas for these specific Purposes are recommended on/from this day:

-- For finding a suitable, desired or high profile life partner
-- For getting married specially in difficult situations, doshas
-- For saving love or marriage
-- For good communication, for understandings & harmony in marital life
-- For Health recovery & Saving form dangers
-- For ambitious income
-- For improving business
-- For family welfare and peace
-- For success & prosperity in life
-- For victory in court cases
-- For help in spells & black-magic
-- For Peace & Prosperity of a Nation
-- For selling or buying a property with benefits
-- For spiritual power, motivation, Siddhi & enlightenment

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